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Today’s unfavorable economy should not be your excuse why you can’t travel around the world. In fact, there are plenty of affordable hotel packages, budget flights, and reasonable priced tours that you can choose. And it gets even better because, by playing your cards right, you can spend less, save more, and still enjoy your holiday.

Achieve your dream trip without worrying too much about your bank account through these practical, thrifty tricks:

* Book in a bed-and-breakfast, inn, or hostel. Such a communal type of establishment is cheaper than a hotel. But most importantly, you can experience a whole new level of cultural intimacy with the locals. Finally, staying in such an establishment gives you a chance to socialize with fellow travellers.

* Go open jaw as much as possible. That means, arrive in once city and leave in another. In that way, you can save time and money by avoiding an about-face to your starting point.

* Visit your destination during off season so you can get lower airfare, book in cheaper rooms, spend less time in tourist queues, and see the culture in its “true” self.

* Buy from family-run business. Products and services offered by these types of enterprises are often cheaper than standard business establishments.

* Eat where locals eat. Do not limit yourself to restaurants. Try out street food stalls, small eateries, family-run restaurants, and other food establishments of the same nature. Not only you will save money but you will also experience a culinary adventure.

* Use public transportation such as buses and trains (avoid taxis though) because they’re the cheapest form of transportation. Unless you really need to, avoid renting cars; they cost a lot and can cost big headaches especially if you’re trying to navigate in an unfamiliar city or drive through very narrow roads.

* Hook up with friends, relatives, and loved ones in the destination. Assuming that you have warm relationships with each other, you can stay in their homes, eat dinner with them, ask them to guide for you, etc. without having to spend a lot of money.

* Look for passes such as museum passes or train passes. Initially, they may seem to cost you a lot. But if you plan to visit a lot of museums or if you plan to travel in-country a lot, then these passes would definitely constitute as moneysavers.

* Shop in cheaper regions to stretch the value of your money. For instance, instead of buying souvenirs in Oslo, head out to Turkey and purchase your souvenirs there. That’s because the items in Turkey are vastly cheaper than those in Oslo.

* Each ATM withdrawal comes with certain transaction fees. Thus, minimize ATM fees than withdrawing large amounts and stowing the cash safely in your money belt or hotel safe.

* Use your bargaining skills when shopping, especially in traditional markets. Remember that the listed price is around five times higher than the wholesale price.

See? You can have the vacation you’ve always wanted without breaking your financial backbone.