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Why Travelling Alone Is The Best (Sometimes)

It costs less to go off on your own than going along with someone else and a bunch of other someones. You would only be spending money on yourself and not to mention that you wold be free to do whatever you want since you’re going to be alone making friends with different types of people. Isn’t it kind of liberating to be that free? To do whatever it is that you want to do (without hurting other people with it at least) in different places.

Isn’t that just a dream come true for all of us adventure-loving folks?

Adventure and Freedom

These two words hold special places in my heart. Nothing is more important to me than freedom. Adventure is just another form of freedom to me, because we humans rarely get to go in adventures ourselves, what with us stuck to our family, friends, career and the society itself. Stability is great and all, but when you think about it, isn’t it just something that ties you down? If you want freedom, one that is completely unadulterated and harmless, wouldn’t you rather go out and explore the world without having to worry about commitment? About how the world would see you and how society would dictate you for it?

You can’t really have that kind of freedom when you’re travelling the world with someone. Someone that you already knew and you just brought with you. If it’s someone you meet along the way, then that’s fine. That’s an adventure waiting to happen. That’s why it’s better to go off on your own.

There is Romance to Adventure

Not the kind of romance you’re probably thinking about. Let’s call it “A Man’s Romance”, even though this applies to any kind of gender known on the planet. There’s “love” at adventure itself. You with nature, enjoying what life gives you and being ALIVE for it. The fact that you actually went out of your home, your own COUNTRY, to go seeking that kind of journey because it’s your dream to do so? That itself is Romance.

And the thing is, anyone can go have that romance. The only thing stopping you is yourself. The metaphorical shackles you chained yourself down to. Family, jobs, friends, commitment, etc. those are amazing however, they aren’t healthy things to consume as someone who has the heart of pure freedom.

Italy, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Russia, USA, New Zealand, Egypt and so many more. You can go to each and every single one of these countries in just a year or less, if you just had the guts to tear yourself out of your roots, without forgetting these roots of course, you would have a very fulfilling life.

The tip HERE, is to put yourself out there and actually get to know the world better. Start your very own Romance Dawn.