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What Are 2020’s Most Popular Tourist Spots?

Ey, looks like we have a list of the most popular tourist destinations this 2020. Thanks to Airbnb. You might need to get a move on if you want to visit every single one of them at the right time this year. After all, some of them are having events that hold a lot of meaning for this particular year. In my opinion? You should take advantage that a lot is happening this year for a lot of countries.

Netherlands – Maastricht

There is going to be arise of interest here in 2020 because of The European Fine Art Affair, or TEFAF. It is going to be hosted in this Dutch city for this year. If you didn’t already know, The European Fine Art Affair is one of the largest fairs, therefore the fact that Maastricht is hosting this will give it a surge of interest for tourists all over the world.

Kenya – Malindi

Did you know that Kenya had pledged to the UN Climate Action Summit to plant two billion trees by the time 2022 rolls by? They also committed to accelerate energy efficiency up to 3% every year. Not just that, the village of Malindi just had a rise interest of 88% for 2020 compared to 2019. Make sure you visit this village to know the reason why.

India – Kerala

Want to see one of the most beautiful states in India? One filled to the brim with magnificent sites like waterfalls, mountains and lakes? Kerala is going to keep rising up in interest this year, even though it apparent increased up to 95% already. And why wouldn’t it? Visit Kerala this year to experience the wonderful culture of India!

Japan – Tokyo

This wonderful country, especially the capital itself, has risen up to 103% of interest rate! You could say that it’s because of Japan being interesting all on its own, or it could be because this summer it’s going to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, basically making it a hot spot for 2020 summer. I’m always going to be biased about Japan so I’m glad that this is here on this list.

France – Les Contamines-Montjoie

The increase rate on this is even higher than for Tokyo, if that is even possible. But it is. And why wouldn’t it be increasing when this place is home to many mountains so beautiful that it is literally impossible not to go climbing them? Make sure to drop by the place that has a 108% interest increase, yeah?

Brazil – Ubatuba

Ubatuba is what I like to call “Vacation Central”. Why? Because it has more than 100 beaches, various hiking trails and is home to amazing surfing spots. Doesn’t that just scream summer vacation to you? With its increase in interest rate that reached 108%, why wouldn’t you want to spend your vacation here sometime in 2020?