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Visit Magnificent Places of High Adventure

Forget about looking for luxury holiday packages that leaves you imprisoned in your opulent room. Free yourself from the confines of fixed tours wherein your tour operator actually arranges where you should visit. Lose yourself to the experience by sampling the place’s delectable traditional dishes in a humble eatery rather than eating a different version of your homeland’s food in some expensive restaurant. Your vacation should be an adventure of a lifetime.

Yes, this is what a vacation is all about, just letting yourself go wild and free to experience adventure. And this 2014, we have listed some of the best destinations and activities for the adventurous soul. Check them out.

Where: Portes du Soleil, France

What: Mountain Biking
When it comes to downhill mountain biking, you can’t go wrong if you decide to do that adrenaline-pumping activity in Portes du Soleil. It is one of the best off-road biking areas in Europe and the largest in France. More than 650 kilometers of biking trails, ranging from extremely easy to absurdly hard, snake throughout Port du Soleil. Along the way, you’ll witness lofty mountains, verdant valleys, and the spectacular landscape of France.

Where: Antarctica

What: Ice Marathon
Join this unusual, extreme, state-sponsored marathon that will take you to the southernmost part of the globe. This yearly marathon takes place in subzero temperatures in a dangerous place that even penguins fear to tread. Coupled with ice that suddenly breaks before your feet, wind chills that make you feel colder than it really is, and miles and miles of nothing but ice and rock, the Ice Marathon in Antarctica will definitely satisfy your craving for extreme adventure!

Where: Sporades Isles, Greece

What: Swimming
Is it possible to swim from one island to another? Oh, yes, and that can happen in the Sporades Isles in Greece in a quiet, serene, and turquoise section of the Aegean Sea. Stroke by stroke, kick by kick, you get to enjoy the sun and mild weather while doing the best exercise in the world. If you bring along your mask, you can snorkel and witness magnificent seascapes and plenty of dolphins, seals, and other aquatic animals. It’s no surprise considering that the Sporades Isles are part of Europe’s largest natural marine park.

Where: Yangshou, China

What: Rock Climbing
Yangshou was once a quaint fishing village surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. Now, it is one of the adventure capital of China. Why? Well, those tall limestone karsts caught the attention of rock climbers all over the world. Yangshou is now one of the best rock climbing sites in the world, offering well-bolted routes, picturesque scenes, and friendly people.

Where: Rio Platano River, Honduras

What: Whitewater Rafting
The Rio Platano River of Honduras’ Mosquito Coast is one of the wildest and least explored rivers in the country. Thus, it is a perfect place for you if you want to ride this fast, churning river via a raft. Whitewater rafting is very popular here. And if you’re taking a break from rafting, you can explore the many caves and subterranean caves that dot the area.

Looking for adventure? Then book your holidays and try out these adrenaline-pumping activities!