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The Safety Tips For A Pregnant Traveller

Congratulations on being pregnant! We hope your pregnancy is a healthy and happy one (heaven knows we don’t get that much these days anymore). Now that you’ve decided to travel while carrying a child in you, you need to know some tips about staying safe and healthy while you’re out there. After all, pregnant women are kind of a priority, more than the elderly. Don’t quote me on that, though.

Now, before you travel, it’s VERY important that you go see your doctor first because they will inform you a LOT of important things that you should and SHOULD NOT do while travelling. In fact, they might even stop you from travelling, depending on the kind of condition you have and how many months you’re in. listen carefully and don’t ignore what they have to say. It’s really unwise to do so.

After that, when you get on the plane, here are some of the important little tid-bits your pregnant self should be aware of.

Pre-flight diet

If you want to avoid being uncomfortable during the flight (and an uncomfortable pregnant lady will suffer if so), then avoid drinking any carbonated drinks or eating any gassy food. Avoid them like the plague. Stay away from broccoli, cabbage and beans. And no soft drinks either. You aren’t allowed to drink that anyway, since it’s wise for pregnant ladies to stay away from anything unhealthy.

Buckle up

Don’t bypass or ignore this. Keep yourself safe and buckled and do it under your belly, right there low on the hipbones. Get comfy during the flight.

Keep drinking

Avoid getting dehydrated during the flight. That can reduce the blood flow to your uterus. Drink plenty of water during the flight and don’t worry about having to go to the bathroom because of it. The water is for you AND the kid starting a life within you.

Exercise aloft

After talking to the doctor, they might have told you to exercise every 30 minutes or so. If the flight is smooth, walk around every half hour. And in your seat, stretch and start flexing your ankles. It helps blood circulation. Sitting around for the whole flight will eventually make you uncomfortable anyway. Be careful when you walk, though. There are other people who won’t notice you walk by so try to be agile or at least vocalise that you’re there so they won’t accidentally hit you.

Best airplane seat

If you want a smooth ride, pick a seat right over the wing. If you want an easy access to exit and to the bathroom (drinking all that water will eventually make you want to pee all the time) then go for an aisle seat. As for getting a spacious seat for a comfortable ride without having to worry about whether you can stretch properly or not without hitting someone or hitting yourself, go for the bulkhead seat.