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The Advantages Of Travelling The World Solo-Style

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t want to travel alone. Some of these reasons are being afraid of unsafe and unfamiliar territories alone, getting bored or getting lonely. That’s a real shame because travelling alone is actually way more than that. Some even argue that it’s better than travelling with someone close.


Because there is complete and utter freedom

You don’t have to be considerate with other people that you travel with since you’re all alone. Your food is all your own and the way you travel is completely up to you. You can go to wherever you want without having to rely on a second or a third opinion who may or may not shoot your ideas down, depending on the situation. There is no more need for you to think about them whenever you want to go see something or go eat somewhere without people saying “Ah, but I’m allergic to this kind of food” or “I wanted to see the other thing though”.

You tend to make more friends

This is because when you travel with someone, you tend to not go out of your way to make friends with strangers out there. It’s easier that way, after all. But come on. Meeting new friends is exactly why people travel. You get to learn about other people and their culture, plus you get to extend your own social skills further. You kind of HAVE to, anyway, since it’s going to be a tough vacation alone if you don’t plan on talking to anybody to help you.

No drama

What drama are you going to cause if you’re alone? Unless you plan to stir up chaos to the locals, which is uncool by the way, you wouldn’t have to worry about conflicting emotions during a vacation. Trust me, there is nothing more upsetting than being angry or sad during a trip, where you kind of have no choice but to see to it to the end. That kind of thing is severely awkward and just upsetting.

Boosted self-confidence

This is a guarantee. After all, how else are you going to get anywhere if you don’t walk up to people and ask for directions? How else are you going to get through a crisis if you don’t solve it on your own? Problem solving becomes easier for you here since you are thrown outside of your comfort zone. You will also be forced to socialise and make friends. When you come back from this travel, you are guaranteed to become a changed person. Someone more confident and experienced.

Comfortable with yourself

The feeling of awkwardness about eating alone in a cafeteria will disappear. This is due to the fact that during the solo travel, you were likely eating by yourself most of the time, if you haven’t managed to make enough friends. Even if you did, what are the likely chances that you are going to keep eating dinner with them during your stay?

You’ve already experienced being alone in a very unfamiliar place. There is nothing that makes you uncomfortable doing alone back home after that anymore.