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Starting a Life of Travel and Adventure

Many people have thought of simply buying budget holiday packages, pack their bags, and explore the world. It all seems to be an ideal life of adventure until they realize that the way they live their present lives is hindering them from living that kind of life. For instance, they can’t spare extra money for travelling because they need to pay for their expensive car or house. They can’t go travelling because they are so busy in their careers. They can’t travel because they rely so much on travel advisories.

But the truth is, people can actually live an unconventional, interesting life filled with vacations, travels, and adventures. And yes, it is definitely possible to achieve them. Here’s how:

1. Downsize everything.

Large-sized anything can eat up a lot of your money, money that can be used for vacations. For instance, you may own a large, nice 4X4 SUV. But the cost of such a large vehicle can break your financial backbone. That does not include the cost for gas (large cars have large engines which consume plenty of fuel) and maintenance, which can really skyrocket. And do you really need that SUV considering that you’re just using it

What’s a better, cost-effective way? Change to a smaller, more compact sedan. Purchasing and maintaining a smaller car is cheaper. It has a smaller engine, which means less gas. The money you save from that car can then be used to fund your travel.

Aside from your vehicle, you can downsize other things such as your house and appliances.

2. Lessen your consumption.

If you’re not careful about your utility or personal consumption, then you are going to pay heaps of cash. Save money by consuming less of your utilities. How? Simple! Turn off your appliances when not in use. Save water by making sure those pipes are not leaking.

What about personal consumption and entertainment? You can save in these areas too! For example, instead of going to the movies with friends, why not invite friends over to your home so you’ll have a movie marathon? You can ask them to bring some chips and beer! Not only is it fun and you can have a plethora of movies to watch, you can save since you won’t be paying for gas or public transportation, meals in restaurants or fast food outlets, and movie tickets.

3. Keep your options open.

Okay, you now have sufficient money to have your dream vacation. But are you just going to limit yourself to just visiting landmarks, staying in hotels and resorts, or buying things in shopping centers? Well, yes, but you would miss out the real fun.

While you are at your destination, why not keep your options open and try out new things? Go scuba diving, rock climbing, or trekking. Walk the road less trodden; you will see wonders that are even better than advertised tourist sights. Interact and have fun with the locals to experience the place’s culture.

Yes, you can experience the world’s best holiday destinations. You just need to change your lifestyle.