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Reduce Phone Bills When Travelling

In today’s modern world, people are definitely going to bring their smartphones, netbooks, tablets, or laptops whether they are taking advantage of budget or luxury holiday packages. In the world where advancements of technology have allowed people to get in touch with each other anywhere in the planet any time, it is unavoidable that travellers take their gadgets with them. Yes, people know that they should limit their use of electronic gadgets to maximize the travel experience. But electronic gadgets simply make everything so much easier that they’re now mainstays in a traveller’s packing list.

However, getting in touch with loved ones, checking out your stocks, or sending e-mails while you are not in your home country can result in a pretty hefty bill. Oh, don’t think you can resist the temptation. Travellers who think they can minimize internet or phone usage while they are on vacation suddenly find themselves unable to stop using their gadgets.

So how do you keep your smartphone addiction under control while you are travelling? Well, check out the tips below. By following these tips, you can keep your expenses for international communications at a manageable level.

Do not simply turn off your smartphone because that will not prevent you from being charged with fees coming from data roaming services.

The data roaming feature continuously connects you to the Internet even if your phone is switched off. To avoid the charges, turn off the data roaming feature in your smartphone; check your phone manual on how to do this.

Go to places that offer free Wi-Fi.

Many reputable hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, bistros, and other establishments have Wi-Fi connectivity that you can use for free. Sometimes, the connection may be slow due to the number of people taking advantage of the system. But that’s all right because you save a fortune.

Research as much online information as you can before leaving home or an area with free Wi-Fi.

This prevents you from logging in the Net (and getting billed for it in the process) in non-free Internet venues because you need to check out travel data, e-mails, messages, and others.

Before making an international phone call, list down everything that you need to discuss with the other person.

This saves you valuable time as you don’t have to make repeat phone calls because you forgot to mention a few important details. With a list, you know exactly the things to discuss in one phone call.

Ask your mobile provider if they can put a limit to your cell phone calls and Internet usage.

It is also a good idea to have information on the Internet and phone rates of the destination you are travelling to.

Before leaving home, download travel apps that you can use offline so that you won’t to log in to the Web.

Many mobile app browsers offer offline use and page downloads. This is handy if you want to look up something you saved on your browser even without access to the internet.

Avoid streaming music or video since this uses a huge amount of data.

Obviously, that translates to a huge expense in travel communications.

Use your gadgetry wisely and save travel money.