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Private Accommodations – The Feeling of Home

Most budget or luxury holiday packages include accommodations. However, if you are like some travellers, you may not like the choice of hotels offered in these packages. Perhaps you think they are too touristy. Perhaps you think that they lack the atmosphere of home. Perhaps you want something that is more secluded and private, not a facility that is swarming with tourists and hotel crew. In that case, you need to book a stay in a private accommodation.

A private accommodation can be a house or a villa. It has staff to cater to your needs but nowhere as many as in a resort or hotel. That removes that business-like mood that you feel when you check in such regular hospitality establishments. Additionally, a private accommodation feels more like a home than a facility.

You may be used to the idea of booking in hotels and resorts that the notion of staying in a private accommodation may seem really alien to you. But don’t worry. This brief guide below will help you choose the right private accommodation for your needs.

What kind of vacation do you need?

Once you have decided on that, you can check out a list of private accommodations that suit that kind of vacation. For instance, if you want some nice peace and quiet, then booking a villa in a small, tranquil village or near a secluded beach would perfect. On the other hand, if you expect to spend a lot of time partying during your vacation, a private accommodation near or in the city would be more appropriate.

If you are driving a vehicle (e.g., a rented or borrowed car), you might want to consider choosing a private accommodation with a parking lot.

Now, you have to be really precise here. Some owners who are only after your money may fail to inform that their parking space is off property, perhaps on a public parking lot a few blocks from the property or a neighbor’s garage. Make sure too that the parking space is big enough to accommodate your vehicle, especially if you’re driving a van or a large car.

Ensure that the private accommodation has the amenities or services that you need.

For example, if you plan to prepare your meals yourself, then the accommodation should have a kitchen. If you plan to frequently check your e-mails, social media, and other online accounts, then make sure that the private accommodation has Internet connection. Do you want to go “hopping” from one destination to another without wasting time? Then ask if the private accommodation can arrange your transportation for you.

Privacy should be a major consideration when choosing private accommodation.

Some owners of private accommodations may live on the upper floor or a house near it. They won’t intentionally invade your privacy, but if you’re sensitive to that, you might find this annoying.

By keeping these few pointers in mind, you can now, in all confidence, book private accommodations. Then you will realize that home is not far away after all.