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New Year’s Resolution –Take Better Travel Photos

If you have been buying budget holiday packages and have been constantly travelling to different places, most likely, you have a digital camera with you. A digital camera, even a simple point-and-click one, has become an integral gadget in a traveller’s pack. As long as your camera has power, you can capture every moment, every sight, and every interesting thing that comes across your trip. Back home, you can share these photos to colleagues, loved ones, and friends. They would definitely be amazed at the magnificent places you’ve visited, the exciting adventures that you’ve tried, and the unique culture that you’ve experienced. In the future, you can look back at the photos and reminisce your travel days.

But are you content in just taking photographs the usual way? This new year, learn how to take excellent and interesting travel photos that can stir up emotions and curiosity with the techniques below. Think of these are New Year’s resolutions on your travel photography skills.

* Master backlighting. Backlighting creates excellent silhouettes that give the photo a mysterious and enigmatic feel. Mastering backlighting techniques is also important when you have to take a clear and crisp photo of a subject with the sun on his, her, or its back (which usually produces a silhouette).

* Before pressing the shutter, make it a habit to check the viewfinder for distractions, light flares, or other objects that could ruin the photo. If you find such a distraction, position yourself or move the camera slightly so it won’t be included in the image.

* When composing your photo, use the rule of thirds. Simply put, place your subject a bit off center. This makes the photo more interesting and allows the viewer’s eyes to freely explore the image.

* When taking night shots of lighted fountains, city skylines, etc., try to avoid using a flash. The camera’s flash can be quite strong that it creates unflattering highlights and very sharp shadows. Instead, increase the shutter speed and open the aperture. You may need a tripod to steady your camera; the slightest movement can blur the shot.

* Shoot from the hip rather than standing up and shooting at head level. Taking photos from the hip makes the image more “interactive,” giving the illusion that the viewer is actually there.

* Take photos from a different viewpoint. For instance, instead of taking a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge head on, go closer, use the cables as guide lines, and focus on the tower with the blue sky in the background. Photos taken from unusual viewpoints certainly spark interest.

* Do not ask locals to stop what they’re doing to pose for the camera. The best photos of people usually depict natural action and emotion. To achieve this, you may need to shoot discreetly. If people start posing if they see you taking photos, stop and ask them to continue what they’re doing.

Now, buy those holiday packages, have a vacation, and start getting marvelous travel photos of your 2019 trips.