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Experience the Lively Turkish Nightlife

A Eurasian country located at the northeastern area of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey is a land known for its pleasant, sunny weather, intricate carpets, and intriguing historical sites. Today, the country has another great attraction that will truly make spending holidays in Turkey worthwhile. Today, the country’s vibrant economy and increasing prosperity has turned Turkey’s once-quiet nightlife into one with great vitality, energy, and variety. There is a huge range of sundown entertainment, from classic biranhes to ultramodern rave nightclubs. No wonder then that Turkey’s nightlife is now rapidly becoming one of Europe’s liveliest.

Let’s start off with the classics. Have an authentic cultural experience of drinking at any one of the many male-dominated meyhanes, classic Turkish taverns, in the region. Meyhanes serve alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and raki. A mouth-watering selection of delicious mezes, kebabs, and fruits are presented to you so you can satisfy an empty tummy. As you eat your meal and enjoy your drink, other patrons break into impromptu renditions of Turkish classical songs. As more and more patrons join in, the singing becomes louder and the night becomes merrier. Women rarely do not go inside meyhanes, feeling awkward and uncomfortable in the male-dominated establishments. Experience the lively atmosphere in popular meyhanes that are located along the Cicek Pasak in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

If you want a quieter place, head out to saz bars that feature Anatolian-folk music. Saz bars tend to be overwhelmingly decorated with artificial flowers, wickerwork, and kilims. Foods and drinks are delicious and are priced reasonably. While you enjoy your meal and drink, a sole singer, accompanied by a saz, provides the entertainment. The singer typically sings songs about love and war. Later in the evening, she may invite you, as a patron, to dance with her. Typically, she will perform Halay, a simple folk dance that you can easily pick up.

If you want a more exotic show, there are many nightclub that offer “Oriental” shows. Here you can find beautiful sequined female bellydancers, flashy cabaret singers, or Roman-costumed male dancers performing for you. These joints are tame and sanitized although they may look seedy at first glance. Flowing drinks, delectable food, and exotic entertainment are the features of these places.

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