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Arctic Vs. Antarctica: Cruising Options To Consider

Arctic Vs. Antarctica: Which Is Best?

If you are planning to go in early 2021, now would be the time to start looking at cruises.

If you have decided that your next cruise will be to one of the polar caps, there’s a lot to consider before you choose north or south, and with that in mind, here are a few aspects to consider when looking to take a cruise in a polar region.

Abundance Of Diverse Marine Life

Antarctica is home to much more life than the Arctic, so if you want to see a wide range of creatures, head south. If you are planning to dive, you must have at least 30 dry-suit dives, only then will you be allowed to participate in the diving program. However, many passengers are there for the overall experience, rather than diving. For marine life, the waters of Antarctica are more populated, mainly due to the better summer it receives when compared to the Arctic.

Your Current Location

If, for example, you are in Australia or New Zealand, Antarctica is quite close and would therefore be the perfect choice. The cruise might depart from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, then head down the coast to the cool and very beautiful Antarctica waters, when Humpback Whales and other marine creatures feed on the abundance of krill. If you are based in northern Europe, then the North Pole would be that much closer, with several routes into the Arctic, and you would get the chance to see polar bears, which are critically endangered, as their ice home melts. Luxury cruise tours to Antarctica can be booked online and if you are planning to go in early 2021, now would be the time to start looking at cruises.

More Choices

If you prefer Antarctica, you have more cruises and expeditions than are operating in the Arctic, as well as milder weather (in general), and the most established Antarctica dive expeditions organised by the leading tour operator, who can easily be found with a Google search.

Polar Bears

Of course, we all know that polar bears only inhabit the Arctic, so if you have your heart set on seeing one of these majestic predators, there are no polar bears in Antarctica. This animal is the only predator that regards humans as prey, so you certainly cannot take any chances with a polar bear, and if you are into them in a big way, pay the town of Churchill a visit when the polar bears gather, waiting to get on the ice. There are many bear guides in Churchill and in a special truck, you can get quite close, and can only leave the vehicle when told to.

white bear laying on rock formation during daytime
Credits: Unsplash

Once you have made your choice, the next step involves searching online for a leading tour operator, one that specialises in polar expeditions, then you can be sure that safety is the priority. The Internet is full of resources about both north and south poles, which should help you make the right choice, and whether north or south, it is going to be very cold!