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We are Budget Holiday Packages, not only in name but also in spirit. It’s who we are and it’s what we provide for our many clients — clients who are international when they find us for the first time, and then much more international by the time they’ve enjoyed our services. We provide individual, custom-built holiday deals for our clients … and we also provide package deals at the best possible prices, for over 175 destinations worldwide, on all the continents. If you’re looking to travel — and really, who isn’t? — it’s only natural that you would come to us. Our prices are rock bottom and our services are right at the top. So where do you want to go then?

We know what makes a great holiday. The finest feature of our holidays is that, no matter how pre-bundled they are, no matter what script they follow, they always feel organic and spontaneous, personalised and alive. Nobody likes to feel like they’re part of a group of cattle, being poked in all sorts of directions — not least on a holiday. Sculpting the perfect holiday is a kind of art form, and we do consider ourselves artists of the leisure industry. The proof of our success is in our repeat business, which is as popular as anybody’s in this business. The only problem is that we might be a little bit too successful. We’re quite busy around here, you see — and we never seem to get a chance to go on any holidays of our own …