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What To Do In Japan Once You’re There, Bucket List Edition

Japan is that one country where you could make a book full of your bucket list and complete it there. They have so many interesting things there, so many activities, many places to visit, such a diverse sense of culture and the fashion is so varied yet still so amazing.

There are so many people around the world, even some famous people that want to go to Japan for so many reasons. Some of them even made visits there frequently and want to live in Japan. I don’t blame them. Japan is practically the number 1 place that I want to go once I am able to travel outside my country. My bucket list consists of:

  • Going to Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama to play with monkeys
  • Visiting Akihabara to feed my inner Otaku
  • Eat real, authentic ramen
  • Eat real, authentic sushi
  • Eat real, authentic tempura
  • Visit maid cafes to experience the cringe (because I’m masochistic like that)
  • Going to a Hanami, flower viewing under the Sakura trees in spring
  • Wear a kimono
  • Wear a yukata
  • Wear a haori OVER a kimono/yukata (I don’t care if some of them are exclusive for a specific gender, I am wearing all of them)
  • Shop at Harajuku’s Takeshita Street
  • Become a ninja
  • Become a samurai
  • Eat tons of food in Dotonbori
  • Get drunk from Shochu and Sake
  • Cheer at a Sumo match
  • Shop at their convenience stores
  • Shop at their 100 yen stores (they’re in high quality despite the cheap price)
  • Buy a litre of Yakult (I heard they sell those in that quantity there)
  • Play games at their games centre
  • Watch fireworks in summer
  • Go to manga cafes
  • Go to Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano and have a hot spring experience with their local monkeys (I’m a little curious and interested why they would name something with “jigoku” in it—it means “hell” by the way)
  • Go relaxing at Kenrokuen
  • Get drunk at a real Izakaya (bar)
  • Experience Zazen (sitting cross-legged) in a Buddhist temple
  • Visit all their temples
  • Stare at Sakura trees (it doesn’t have to be Hanami, I just want to stare at them at every chance I get)
  • See the Kawachi Fuji Gardens and marvel at the beautiful Wisteria that look like anime trees in real life

And mind you, these are just MY goals in Japan. I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface of places and activities to be done in Japan. The one thing that I really want to do in Japan is go to a Hanami. I’ve always wanted to see a real Sakura tree in real life. One that is not from photos or from anime. Those trees used to be so exclusive in Japan, before they sent some to America.

I want to experience everything in The Land of The Rising Sun.